Hair Extension's

Extensions can quickly and easily add volume and length, naturally enhancing your hairstyle for a different look. They can be a quick, gratifying way to compensate for a bad haircut or prepare for a special occasion.

Good hair extensions won’t damage your natural hair. Having a professional hair designer apply your extensions and opting for a premium product won’t damage your hair at all. In fact, extensions should ultimately protect your natural hair and certainly improve its appearance. However, choosing inferior products, or having extensions applied by an inexperienced tech, are surefire ways to ruin your hair, so do your research!

Carla will help you explore your extension options and choose extensions that will work well for you and accomplish what you’re looking for. Ask questions to get comfortable with the hair extensions and how you’ll be caring for them. 

When you arrive:

When you arrive: you have the opportunity to pick the best hair extension option for you.

Please note consultation is important and required in order to make sure hair extensions are correct for you and blending your extensions in seamlessness,

Updo's, styles and braid's

Cute updos are a fabulous hairstyle solution you can try on long, medium and even short hair. Whether you are more into sophisticated braided bun hairstyles, intricate knots or quick casual updos, you have multiple choices with Carla.   Whether it’s a fancy side bun, braid or curly styles Carla can work her magic for any special occasions. Updo hairstyles for any women amaze with their creativity and variety of braided patterns which tame thick unruly locks in the most graceful way. If you hair is, on the contrary, fine and limp, trendy textured updos for thin hair create the illusion of thicker tresses and look very volume-flattering.