Meet the Team!

Our wonderful Voila Team have all obtained their certificates in each service that they offer, guaranteeing you a safe and well executed experience! Find a tech in your area, and see what they can do for you!



Tracey Ganert, owner/operator of Voila Lash, first came across the idea on a business trip to Vancouver. Tracey saw the demand and popularity of eyelash extensions in Vancouver and knew it was something that Chilliwack would LOVE. Voila Lash Lounge was the first exclusive eyelash extension business to open its doors in Chilliwack and other salons and individuals have quickly followed suit. Following the opening of Voila Lash Lounge it was plain to see that the art of individual eyelash extensions quickly became a desirable beauty treatment alongside already popular treatments. The beauty industry continues to grow everyday with the introduction of new products and techniques. Voila has added microneedling, microblading, lash lifts and eyebrow waxing & tinting to its plethora of services, adapting and growing with the latest trends. Along with training the staff, Tracey enjoys empowering women to careers in the beauty industry. Teaching modern techniques from extensions, lash lift to microblading.

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