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Join Our Salon Community as a Contractor! Looking for a supportive and collaborative salon environment? Here’s why being a contractor with us is the way to go:

1️⃣ **Strength in Unity**: We believe in the power of collaboration and support. Together, we can achieve greater success and growth as a community of like-minded individuals.

2️⃣ **Teamwork and Support**: At our salon, teamwork is key. Benefit from a collaborative environment where knowledge, resources, and experiences are shared to help everyone thrive.

3️⃣ **Risk Mitigation**: Say goodbye to the risks of not reporting full income. As a contractor, enjoy the peace of mind with proper insurance coverage (liability, professional, and worker’s compensation) provided by us.

4️⃣ **Professional Infrastructure**: Access essential tools like point-of-sale systems, booking systems, and marketing support—all covered by us. Focus on your craft without worrying about managing these aspects.

5️⃣ **Client Management**: We’ve got your back with client management strategies, including deposit collection and coverage for no-show situations. Ensure a smooth client experience with security and stability.

6️⃣ **Flexibility and Support**: Need time off? No problem! Enjoy coverage for holidays and the support of colleagues when you need it. Take a break without losing clients or income.

7️⃣ **Mentorship and Growth**: Grow with us through mentorship opportunities. Learn and develop together in a supportive environment that fosters professional growth and camaraderie.

Ready to elevate your career in a thriving salon community? Join us as a contractor and experience the difference! 

Thank you for your interest in Voila Lash & Beauty and for your application with an attached resume. Our mission is to find and place the right candidate for any upcoming positions. Applicants who are selected will be contacted within 7 days for a follow-up interview

What is a contractor

A contractor is like an independent business but you are brought in to cover specific jobs for a specific amount of time.

You don’t get benefits like EI or CPP and are responsible for your own taxes but you gain additional experience and knowledge.

You set your own hours but must be punctual and professional as it effects the company brand all all the other contractors

You are technically self employed but you follow the policies and procedures of Voila lash Brand because clients have a level of expectation.

You provide your own tools of the trade but we provide products the client requires and purchases on the jobsite. 

You are paid by piece work and invoice at the end of the month, not an hourly wage! (payment is dependent on skill level ) 

You may perform services the way you see fit as long as they meet Fraser health expectations and meet the Voila brand client expectations

You drive your own car to the job site and YOU claim the expenses

You may claim all your expenses as an independent contractor

You are required to have your own online business profile and perform services for your own clients also

You are responsible for any loss of business incurred by inferior workmanship or error in judgement