Skin Purifying Kit


This kit includes 5 items: Salicylic Cleanser 120ml (full size):This lightly exfoliating cleanser helps minimize uneven skin tone, dark spots and post-blemish discolouration.
10% Glycolic Lotion 30ml: This coconut- oil based lotion removes dead skin cells using the “peeling” action of glycolic acid. It diminishes the appearance of fine lines, hyperpigmentation and scarring, leaving a fresh, youthful glow.
Herbal Toner 30ml: This fragrant toner combines Moor water and moisture-trapping phyto-hyaluronate with lavender, cedar wood and tea tree oils.
Clarifying Cream 15ml: This light cream-gel restores a bright and clear skin tone. Includes sweet potato extract, cucumber, marshellow, ST. John’s wart and asafoetida.
Blemish Gel 15ml: Our unique spot treatment gel combines soothing slippery slm bark with the purifying effects of pure Moor Extract. The gel may be applied underneah moisturizer to keep the pores clean.

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