Elite tech Maureen is a certified medical esthetitan, well trained in all facets of facial treatments including  Skin care, dema treatment, microneedling.  

She is also an Elite lash tech and is superior all other services within the salon. Book with Maureen for your most experienced treament.


Jazzie is a Elite tech in volume, classic and hybrid lash extensions. She is also higly experienced in teeth whitening, lash lifts, lamination and spray tans.


Bonnie as a Senior tech is taking lashes to the next level as a perfectionist and although a slightly slower at full volume application her method is perfect. Also come to see Bonnie for a lash lift and tint, brow lamination or to get you teeth whitened and a tooth gem. 


Colette is highly qualified in microblading,powder/ombré/combo/nano brows and certified in Lash lift/tint, brow lamination and tint as well as  a senior lash tech Colette is a welcomed addition to the salon.


Senior tech Zee is fully trained in classic, hybrid and volume. Also ask about her teeth whitening or a brow lamination.


2575 Montrose Ave

MON-THURS 10:00am – 7:00pm
FRI-SAT 9:00am – 4:00pm
(other times available upon request)


A highly skilled craft worker who delivers outstanding results.

A worker who is proficient in the relevant skill and technique but doesn’t have the years of experience. 

Fully qualified, slower worker, but striving to become more proficiently skilled and increase speed. 

Fully qualified in one area, working on both speed and a better application but does not need supervision.  

Working under the supervision Master or Senior Technician but is deemed certified having completed the training program. They require their work be checked for quality and require more time completing application. Please allow 120 min for lash appointment.

Straight out of school, trained and supervised but requiring two hours for an extremely light set of classic lashes. This service is free. You will never be in discomfort or leave with poorly done lashes. It is a great way to try lashes for the first time, to see if you like them!