Skin Rejuvenating Kit


This kit comes with 5 items: Salicylic Cleanser 120ml(full size): A mild yet effective bleand of cleansing and soothing extracts including chamomile, lavender and arnica.
Pumpkin Peel 30ml: This enzymatic exfoliant blends pumpkinpulp, carrot extract and papain and bromelain enzymes for a healthy, refined apperance
Hydrating Toner 30ml: This cooling, alcohol free toner contains hydrating and softening botanical extracts that “plump” dehydrated skin
Platinum Supreme Serum 15ml: Incorporates the renowned age-deying effects of Palmitoyl Tripeptide, DMAE and Alpha Lipoic Acid – all in one concentrated serum.
Plantinum Supreme Creme 15ml: Combines the intensely hydrating action of hyaluronate spheres, the rejuvenating effects of vitamin A and C, the anti-oxidant properties of co-enzyme Q10 amd the soothing properties of horsetail etract- all in one advanced moisturizer.

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